Fate of the 'Advertising Manager' module

Beginning with revision 20 in the subversion repository for the project, the 'Advertising Manager' module will be depreciated. You should not have to edit your database to continue to work with the current repository (although it is safe to model your database after the new version in the INSTALL folder), but the module pages are up for deletion.

There are two reasons for this move. One, it has been my experience that the module did not have widespread popularity. It is difficult to get in the habit of updating the Web run-sheet when your staff has grown accustomed to just updating a paper copy on the ad manager's desk. The second stems from a desire to keep the code as light as possible.

Which brings me to the next point: modules. The Advertising Manager and future add-ons would be best served a-la-carte, as it was really just an added feature to begin with. The current code base is in no shape to support extensibility (there are still some naming issues, performance tweaks, etc. that must be done), but it is the goal to have a later versions support add-ons.

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