PacerCMS Tips: Going beyond the CMS

We have made PacerCMS with the goal of being flexible to fit your publication's needs. While we have not included every piece of Web software your site will need, there are a few packages out there that would compliment a PacerCMS install.

Media Management

If having to edit and FTP photos for the Web is a constant pain for your newsroom, try out these options to help manage your multimedia needs.

Web Advertising

Most campus and community newspapers are still testing the waters with online advertising. Start bringing in revenue from local and national advertisers.


Our platform is intended to fit within your newspaper's traditional work flow. Blogs offer a great way for reader interaction with your best columnists.

Style Guide

Collaborate with your staff with an online "wiki" of commonly used words, people, places, departments etc. Great for passing information from one year's staff to the next.

Did we forget something?

If you have come across a great tool that we have not mentioned here, post it on our discussion list.