PacerCMS no longer in active development

As often is the case with open-source projects, there is a period of initial work by a single developer and a collaborative period among other developers and contributors as interest grows. What happens after that separates the software that many of us have adopted as part of our daily lives (WordPress, Drupal, Firefox, etc.) from those that have quietly faded from our minds. Today, PacerCMS is moving into that second category.

As over year has passed since the last code commit, PacerCMS is a dormant project.

The project has its roots in a personal need of mine: none of the current CMS platforms could adapt to the workflow that I needed at my college newspaper. The workflow itself was simple: multiple users could contribute content to an "Issue", and at an administrator could publish all of the content in that issue at once by just changing a setting. Certain contributors could only work on content in their "Section" and it could be restricted to only the current or next "Issue." Even today, few CMS packages can do that out of the box. But then again, perhaps the workflow was not the most ideal.

Everything on the site will continue to be available for as long as SourceForge and Google Code keep it around. If you find something useful in the source code for your own project, it has always been there for the taking. If you have an active open source project that better suits the needs of college/community newspapers and magazines, let me know and I will happily direct visitors to your site.