PacerCMS 0.4 Alpha Released; First Look at the Road Map

It has been just over five months since we released our first packaged version of PacerCMS on SourceForge, and next month the project will turn a year old. The project has had right at 200 downloads so far in its infancy, and still has not shed the "Alpha" tag line. Here is a look at the goals moving forward.

PacerCMS 0.4 Alpha marks the final release in the "Alpha" phase of the project, barring major bug fixes or other such concerns. Our next release, 0.5 Beta, should look something like this:

After 0.5 Beta is released, we will get on a more common numbering system for versions/naming. Join our Google Group to offer your thoughts on the next phase of development.

This Release (Subversion R26):

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